g9led - Logitech G9 LED color control utility for Linux

Logitech G9 mouse has user configurable LED, which can be set to many colors. But settings is possible only in Windows with Logitech SetPoint program and color is rather aesthetic than effective. Only inform you about current profile. With this small utility you can have more possibilities, for example you may set colors depends on CPU load or as notify incomming IM or email.
You can set color in any hexadecimal RGB value, but for G9 hardware limitation only subset colors are available. RGB value 00000 means LED is off so blinking is possible too. Color is changed only temporary, if you re-connecting mouse, switching profile or reboot computer, color revert to stored profile color. You need libusb and rights on appropriate G9 USB device (eg. /dev/usb/001/002).
1. wget http://als.regnet.cz/data/g9led.c
2. gcc g9led.c -o g9led -lusb
3. ./g9led RRGGBB