Figaro's Password Manager 2 v0.79

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Jeff14 May 14:41 CEST

Hi Ales,

I have been using FPM and FPM2 for at least since 2002. It's sad to see that it's not in the repository of Debian and Ubuntu anymore.
I have to compile it myself now, but it doesn't always work out. It runs on some of my Ubuntu Xenial workstations, but not on some other Xenial workstions. I have no clue why :-(
Hopefully you will find some time to update your project and get it back in the repositories as it still is the best password manager.

Kind regards,


aarem23 Feb 20:37 CET

Great piece of software. Is there going to be a release soon?

Paris23 Mar 2016

removed from debian :(

pete(Rate: 5)07 Feb 2016

Glad I found this - fits my profile - KISS

LX24 Oct 2015

FPM2 For Android is apparently gone for good...

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