Figaro's Password Manager 2 v0.79

    - use xdg-open instead of gnome-moz-remote (Christoph Thompson)
    - fixed grammatical error in entropy collection dialog (Stefano Rivera)
    - fixed missing format argument in gtk_message_dialog() (Daniel T Chen)
    - fixed incorrectly call xmlCleanupParser() (Daniel T Chen)
    - Autotools update

    - fixed crash in master password dialog after open keyfile
    - disable (gray out) toolbar button and menu entries which require a row to be selected
    - use MD5 and SHA-256 from GLib

    - added Russian translation by Boorkov Sergey aka Leo
    - added user selectable columns view
    - added option for select action when activate entry
    - added option for open search dialog on startup
    - added hidden option for disable remembering main window position
    - fixed search in <DEFAULT> and <NONE> category

    - fixed crash when ~/.fpm/ not exists

    - added French translation by Christoph J. Thompson
    - added Bulgarian translation by Yovko Yovkov
    - added Basque translation by Ales Zabala Alava (Shagi)
    - added Italian translation by Nicola Jelmorini
    - added CLI option for start hidden in tray (-t)
    - run item launcher on press Enter or Space
    - update & translate desktop file (Christoph J. Thompson)
    - move logo pixmap in right place (Christoph J. Thompson)
    - change file locking method from lock file to flock
    - fixed input password length widget in password generator
    - fixed linking with --as-needed

    - new cipher AES-256 with PBKDF2 using HMAC-SHA-256 with 8192 iterations set as default
    - added option for two factor authentication (password and key file)
    - added "paste username then password" function
    - added copy target selection and clear target after paste
    - added option for open selected category on startup
    - added <NONE> category for password without it
    - added clone item function
    - added toolbar style menu
    - added Spanish translation by Antonio Rguez. Capita
    - import/export now fully functional
    - passwords file is now fully encrypted
    - preparation for plugin system
    - fixed bug that prevented use FPM2 on big-endian architecture
    - fixed some memleaks
    - code cleanup

    - tray icon with auto-minimise and auto-locking
    - added Hungarian translation by Peter Polonkai
    - entries sorting is now locale-aware and it is possible sort by title/URL/user
    - use the current category as the default category when adding a new entry
    - clicking on two different entries is no more interpreted as double-click
    - remember last main window position

    - fixed file loading specified by command line option
    - change logo format from xpm to png
    - code cleanup

    - updated translation
    - advanced search field
    - context menu
    - replaced some deprecated widgets
    - no more Gnome, pure GTK now

    - added German translation by Mike Constabel
    - remember columns width

    - added menu item for add/edit
    - added more key shortcuts
    - updated Czech translation

    - remember last selected category
    - remember last main window size

    - localization support
    - added ability to load/save other password file 
    - added preferences to control autosave/backup
    - code cleaning from Gnome centric to pure GTK (still unfinished)

    - initial port from GTK1
    - dropped gpasman import

(c) 2008-2018 AleŇ° Koval

Last update: 31.07.2018