Figaro's Password Manager 2 v0.79

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ozzolo(Rate: 4)05 Feb 2010

Hi, I like fpm2 and I think it could be the best no-deps linux password manager.
Here are my improvement suggestions:
- "Search" always visible (or in toolbar) and focused on startup.
- "smart" search: "user site" should find the entry "username:user .."
- Search in categories too (without a categories tree this could be useful)
- "copy both" as (default) launcher..without lauchin anything!
- customizable fields bar / or add Category and Notes
- Clear timer
- plugin system :)

thanks for your work.

Leo10 Jan 2010

I want to say thank you for your work!
And I want offer help with translation in Russian.

lerouge(Rate: 5)11 Dec 2009

Just a quick thanks for your work.

Als30 Nov 2009

frank: Yes import/export for Keepass is in plan, now I work on plugin system that will be used for this.

frank27 Nov 2009

Any plan to allow importing data from Keepassx? Keepassx allows export to xml but it seems to be a different structure than fpm2. Thanks.

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