Figaro's Password Manager 2 v0.79

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Als02 Nov 2009

ghostdog: Yes. You can choose load password file from shared storage in main menu or specify it when FPM2 started by -f option.

ghostdog22 Oct 2009

I use the computer with my wife, can I load FPM so that we both can access it?

Als29 Jul 2009

I reply Comete by email some time ago. But for records I put answer in here too.

Als29 Jul 2009

Bob: What you mean with "not lost"? You want backup your passwords database? Simplest way is backup directly ~/.fpm/fpm. You can also use export function, but in exported file is everything in clear text. Exported file can be fully imported back to FPM2 and you don't lost any data.

Bob(Rate: 4)25 Jul 2009

Want to confirm that I will not lost data, after copying "exported" file down to a data disk? Great program, thanks

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