Figaro's Password Manager 2 v0.90

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Als05 Mar 2020

I have doubts if it will be useful. The resulting binary will be very large due to GTK dependencies. This will also prolong starting. But I'll look at it.

Leray03 Mar 2020

Could we get a statically compiled version to download and a configuration to compile it statically? As it is, it keeps on breaking when the system updates.

Brian Bates(Rate: 5)06 Feb 2020


I'm running FPM2 version 0.80dev1 on Debian 10.2.
Looks like the program may have crashed as it is definitely not running but will not allow me to start it.
Fails with "Could not lock <address to my file> File already locked".


Pete(Rate: 5)06 Apr 2018

Any chance uploading the source on github, it's so easier to review the code and propose changes and so on..

Robert(Rate: 5)02 Apr 2018

I found fpm2 clipboard/primary stopped working with firefox. With the help of xclip I found, that fpm2 is pasting with type STRING while firefox apparently only works with UTF8_STRING in primary selection and clipboard.

Working source hack:

diff -r fpm2-0.79/src/fpm.c
< static const GtkTargetEntry targets[] = {{ "STRING", 0, 1 }};
> static const GtkTargetEntry targets[] = {{ "UTF8_STRING", 0, 1 }};

Warning: I tested it with some non-ASCII characters on my utf8-System. But I am not sure, if this will work also on non-utf8 systems. So test with care.

Another bug: Apparently fpm is not detaching well enough from other launched applications:
1) start fpm
2) launch thunderbird from within fpm
3) close fpm
4) start fpm -> .fpm file is still locked.
5) close thunderbird
6) start fpm -> works


PS: Please release again, so that the software is taken up by ubuntu again.

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