Figaro's Password Manager 2 v0.90

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Pete(Rate: 5)06 Apr 2018

Any chance uploading the source on github, it's so easier to review the code and propose changes and so on..

Robert(Rate: 5)02 Apr 2018

I found fpm2 clipboard/primary stopped working with firefox. With the help of xclip I found, that fpm2 is pasting with type STRING while firefox apparently only works with UTF8_STRING in primary selection and clipboard.

Working source hack:

diff -r fpm2-0.79/src/fpm.c
< static const GtkTargetEntry targets[] = {{ "STRING", 0, 1 }};
> static const GtkTargetEntry targets[] = {{ "UTF8_STRING", 0, 1 }};

Warning: I tested it with some non-ASCII characters on my utf8-System. But I am not sure, if this will work also on non-utf8 systems. So test with care.

Another bug: Apparently fpm is not detaching well enough from other launched applications:
1) start fpm
2) launch thunderbird from within fpm
3) close fpm
4) start fpm -> .fpm file is still locked.
5) close thunderbird
6) start fpm -> works


PS: Please release again, so that the software is taken up by ubuntu again.

Harry Lime18 Mar 2018

Forgot to also ask

please, please, please consider creating a decent size (128x128 png) or svg icon / logo file which can then be used (scaled down) for panel buttons and menu entries (via an XDG applications desktop file).

Thank you!

Harry Lime(Rate: 5)18 Mar 2018

FPM2 is so easy to use and has a excellent simple intuitive interface.

The "newer" alternative Keepass-X has drawbacks

(1) There is no jump (to URL) button which is so easy to use for going to the relevant web "login" page

(2) Keepass-X has a security drawback in that when the master file is selected, it shows the last master file used. The location of the last mater file used should never be cached.

So please keep FPM2 updated and for all those people who are not capable of compiling and installing from source, get it restored to the Debian and Ubuntu respoistories.

Brian Bates13 Aug 2017

Sorry, forgot to mention the version.
FPM2 0.80dev1 running on Debian 9.1.

Cheers Buzz

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