Figaro's Password Manager 2 v0.90

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Harry Lime18 Mar 2018

Forgot to also ask

please, please, please consider creating a decent size (128x128 png) or svg icon / logo file which can then be used (scaled down) for panel buttons and menu entries (via an XDG applications desktop file).

Thank you!

Harry Lime(Rate: 5)18 Mar 2018

FPM2 is so easy to use and has a excellent simple intuitive interface.

The "newer" alternative Keepass-X has drawbacks

(1) There is no jump (to URL) button which is so easy to use for going to the relevant web "login" page

(2) Keepass-X has a security drawback in that when the master file is selected, it shows the last master file used. The location of the last mater file used should never be cached.

So please keep FPM2 updated and for all those people who are not capable of compiling and installing from source, get it restored to the Debian and Ubuntu respoistories.

Brian Bates13 Aug 2017

Sorry, forgot to mention the version.
FPM2 0.80dev1 running on Debian 9.1.

Cheers Buzz

Brian Bates13 Aug 2017

Thank you for this great software. Simple to use, and I really love being able to copy both the user name and password. I may have found a bug though. Not a major one :)
To replicate it do the following:
Under "Settings -> Tray Icon":
Disable the tray icon.
Disable the auto minimize.
Disable the lock program.
Wait longer than the "Lock program past minimize" time.
Close the program using "Alt + F4".
You can no longer open FPM2 as the file is now locked.



Jeff14 May 2017

Hi Ales,

I have been using FPM and FPM2 for at least since 2002. It's sad to see that it's not in the repository of Debian and Ubuntu anymore.
I have to compile it myself now, but it doesn't always work out. It runs on some of my Ubuntu Xenial workstations, but not on some other Xenial workstions. I have no clue why :-(
Hopefully you will find some time to update your project and get it back in the repositories as it still is the best password manager.

Kind regards,


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