Figaro's Password Manager 2 v0.79

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LX24 Oct 2015

FPM2 For Android is apparently gone for good...

LX(Rate: 5)03 Aug 2015

Hi Ales,

I've been using the GTK3 port for about a year and it seems quite stable, what about a new release? Or is there maybe a major blocker?



Paris(Rate: 5)13 May 2015

Hi Als

Thanks for your reply!
I deactivated "Clear target after paste" but it still wouldnt work.
What did the trick in the end was switching "Copy target" from "Primary selection" to "Clipboard"


Als13 May 2015

Paris: This issue is nearly always addressed to clipboard manager. You can try disabling it or you can disable option "Clear target after paste" in FPM2, which is located in Settings->Preference->Others.

Paris08 May 2015

Is there a place to report bugs? The copy password is not working, which forces you to edit, show the password and then copy it, which is pretty bad if you are in a public place with lots of untrusted eyes around you

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