Figaro's Password Manager 2 v0.79

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Als01 Apr 2015

Blackbox: No, this is not possible. But thanks for idea!

Blackbox(Rate: 5)09 Mar 2015

FPM2 is great.

It is possible to add a termination date or expiration date for passwords and a notify before the password are outdated?

Buzz(Rate: 5)24 Jan 2015


FPM2 is great work. Thank you.

Is there a place for a wish list or suggestions?



Mike(Rate: 5)11 Jan 2015


Thank you for great software!

FPM2 and keepassx are quite similar -
both very good passwordmanagers.

Andrew(Rate: 1)20 Dec 2014

Als, thanks for explanation.That's frustrating... But how can I copy username/password to clipboard? I press "password" button on toolbar or select "Copy password" menu item and nothing happens. My old clipboard content is then pasted. What is wrong?

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