Figaro's Password Manager 2 v0.79

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Andrew(Rate: 1)20 Dec 2014

Als, thanks for explanation.That's frustrating... But how can I copy username/password to clipboard? I press "password" button on toolbar or select "Copy password" menu item and nothing happens. My old clipboard content is then pasted. What is wrong?

Als 01 Dec 2014

Andrew: Unfortunately, this can not do FPM2 automatically. FPM2 can copy username/password to clipboard after web page open and then you must manually paste in correct field on this web page.

Andrew29 Nov 2014

How to use FPM to automatically enter web mail or forum? FPM only opens web page and that's all...

Johannes Czibolinski(Rate: 4)01 May 2014

For the FAQ: I lost the master password, I want to reset it, I accept to lose all my stored passwords. How do I do it? (rm -r .fpm/ seems to work, I like that :)

Bob(Rate: 4)12 Sep 2013

Have used FPM2 for years. All of a sudden I have multiple backups(?) displayed. Making searching of the correct difficult. I would like to "hide" all but the most recent corret password. Can that be done?


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